Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HI 2010

I am still here.Long time no blog .I haven't written in awhile- sorry!! I am watching the Winter ,2010 Vancouver Canada- listening to my hubby and kids snoring.The cat is wandering about- the guinea pigs are snorting and the bunny is content.I have had lots of thoughts lately- not all good.I had a wonderful February vacation week with my family-visited with close friends and family- had a date night to trivia with the hubby- Chinese New year dinner at terrific Hong Kong Eatery in Quincy,Ma.(Gung Hai Fa Choy).Now I am dealing with some personal health issues still not sure what is up- feeling yucky a lot.I feel good at night(despite bout of insomnia and cruddy in the daylight- and no I am not a vampire or a lycan LOL.Just felt the need to vent.Mom's b-day is coming up next Thursday- I still find it a difficult day.I miss her every day and hope she is proud of me and the family.Sweetpea Loves Mommy!!Daddy too!!(Mr &Mrs. Tish).I am going to have a hot cranberry drink and then I am off to bed.I promise to write soon.Here is a photo of me at a Aloette/Chocolate Fountain Party-hope you like it.